Keep that one, mark it "fab."
can we start a new crowd thing for sporting events? one side of the stadium yells a deep "whoomp", and the other side replies "there it is"? lets make it happen yo




Great to see new track released, will Free as a Bird is going to be released in near future?

I have at least one more “major” Beatles request that I’m trying to finish before moving on to others. I said in a previous ask that I needed the 5.1 multitrack files to Free as a Bird and Real Love. Someone then emailed me the multitracks themselves. Now this is the kind of fan interaction I really appreciate, but they were ripped manually, and thus don’t work with my isolation software. If anyone wants to send me the 5.1 files for “Free as a Bird” and/or “Real Love”, they have to be ripped DIRECTLY from the DVD using special software, which means they were all out of sync and had new sample points.

Let me be clear, this isn’t because I’m some kind of purist twit. Obviously, I could just realign each track myself, HOWEVER, isolation software requires all sound channels to be perfectly lined up TO THE SAMPLE in order to work right. Otherwise I don’t have anything to work with, and a multitrack can’t be generated. :(

So, in short, yeah, I want to release Free as a Bird, but I’m not ready to just yet.

Did you get PAX tickets?!

No. :( Are you offering? Me and my posse gotta load up their xbox with our content like we do every year.

This game would probably stand a chance if MS hadn’t just removed the Kinect as a pack-in with the Xbone less than a month ago.

And if there was a way to make a motion game not be on Xbox One.

Greetings friend,
Kudos on "She Loves You," I can't wait to get home and try it out! Not to seem ungrateful on a day when one of your long-awaited Beatles customs is finally released, but I know a LOT of players in the community look forward to seeing new tracks from you, especially Beatles songs. Care to tease us with what else might be in the queue now that this one has dropped? Thanks again for your work, we appreciate it!

I’m moving straight on to Strawberry Fields Forever. And there won’t be a 10-month wait between songs this time. ;)

I think I want to publish a making-of mini documentary for each of my customs, since I usually learn something new each time, and there’s lots of cool trivia behind each song when Im studying it for charting. Thoughts?

It’s almost to the point where I can only play TF2 at night, because during the day the servers are swarming with children who just got out of school for the afternoon and still call everything “fag” and “nigger” and are only playing TF2 to kill time until mother kicks his brother off the xbox to let him play minecraft and call of duty.

I originally only had one question, but with Strawberry Fields being something that is going to happen I have two now. Are you going to use the Take 7 & edit piece or the one released on Magical Mystery Tour and B side to Penny Lane? I only ask, because in the final version the guitar leaves and the vocals are distorted in some areas. Where as that doesn't happen in the Take 7 & edit piece. So, I personally think the Take 7 & edit piece would be better for Rock Band. Also, what about Real Love?

It’s going to be the album version because that one’s better known, and the version I like better and want to play in RB. :P

As for Real Love, yeah I’m charting that too, but I have to get back in touch with the guy that gave me the stems. They are second-generation, and mixing them together causes a bunch of horrible phasing noises. I need the lossless 5.1 tracks straight off the DVD, not rerecords of it. :(

Hey, by RB Beatles Project I meant new songs by the Beatles to be released in RB3. I know you've made few tracks with separated audio that weren't part of the The Beatles RB. Great tracks but as a Beatles enthusiast naturally I would love to see more (Strawberry Fields, Free as a Bird, etc...)

I already finished a new Beatles song (with multitrack audio) and It’s scheduled for release in C3! I can’t say specifically when because that’s against the rules, but it unfortunately won’t be coming out in May, because there are too many other authors releasing songs every week of that month.

Also both of those songs you mentioned are ones I plan to make. Strawberry Fields because people don’t stop asking, and Free As A Bird because I have stems.

Rock Band 3 stage banned song list at Sakuracon 2014

Rock Band 3 stage banned song list at Sakuracon 2014