Keep that one, mark it "fab."
If any RB3 players are going to be at Sakuracon, I’m going to be at the Rock Band stage virtually all day, and make sure they install customs. There’s going to be an extra-special unreleased custom playable on that stage only!




i’m sure tumblr user meme-farmer can back me up on this. in political cartoon news, matt bors made something delightfully obscene, too obscene to even post here but i encourage you all to go look it up

Uh since when is weird porn not allowed on Tumblr?

P.S. for those looking here it is (NSFW as literal fuck)

i use tumblr at work all day and dont like looking over my shoulder all the time, that’s the only reason. here’s
a link
, you can thank CampingCarl; and
here’s the story behind it
. edit: oh you edited the post i quoted to include the same link

Obamacare will benefit women and fuck up debt. A good cartoon.

I am dying for Coheed and Cambria and nobody does it.

So, here’s some advice for suggesting something to an author:

Don’t suggest artists. Never, ever, EVER suggest an artist and leave it at that. Let’s assume that I, or any other hypothetical artist, don’t know anything about Coheed & Cambria and don’t even own a single CD by them or have a single MP3 on their HDD. Do you think the author is going to go and research the band, buy their music and study it and then get well-acquainted enough with the artist and fanbase to make an educated decision about what song would be most well-received and should be charted? On the other hand, somebody could suggest “‘X Random Song’, by Coheed and Cambria” and then it’s just a matter of looking up the song on youtube to see if it would be a fun addition to RB and worth the author’s effort to chart.

That being said, though, there’s a suggestion thread on C3 for anybody who REALLY wants a particular song charted into the game. Lots of talented authors look at it, it’s worth a shot.

As a final note, because I always have a dozen different projects stalling/moving forward at extremely slow paces all at once, I save people stress by not accepting requests, sorry. :(

Hey, is the RB Beatles project forgotten? It's been few months now, without any updates.

If you’re talking about the project to port the songs from The Beatles: Rock Band into RB3 fully, that project belonged mostly to TrojanNemo, and I was only some kind of supervisor, who he would come to whenever he had questions about the band or minor technical stuff, to make sure the metadata was 100% correct.

I was only directly involved in a couple of the ports: “Because” was ported 100% by me, a long time before the TBRB porting project took off in earnest, and that finished project was made part of the official pack, and I also did the keys charting and venue animation for “Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard” as well as venue animation for “Birthday”.

Like I said, I’m not directly involved in the project, but why is it “forgotten?” To my knowledge, every single song has finally been correctly ported/updated with proper metadata and better audio stems. The only thing some are missing is separation and charting of Keys. That is a highly user-driven thing though. I think the project was considered “done” once every song was finally re-ported in the right format with metadata, new corrected audio and no bugs. As far as keys and hand-animated venues, it’s up to somebody who wants to add them doing the work and then submitting them to whoever’s managing the website (Nemo stepped down on 1-1-2014, R.I.P.)

When you visit my place.
There are no doubts its my place.

When you visit my place.

There are no doubts its my place.

Ahoy there matey, will you be releasing Free as a Bird available in RB3?

Yes, but I first need a DVD copy of Anthology (from which multitracks of Free as a Bird and Real Love can be extracted with the right tools).

Has your Xbox ever given you that 'red-ring of death' or anything else relating to a system malfunction? Or do you have the Elite version?

In 2009 CollegeHumor held a contest for people to submit photos of the most creative use of obsolete console hardware. My friend told me I should submit my bass guitar that I built out of a PS2 and I ended up being one of the grand prize winners. :V

The winners got their home entertainment “upgraded” from their current obsolete setup to whatever was most cutting-edge at the time, which was an Xbox 360 Elite, 30 brand-new games (stuff that had barely been out a week, like Borderlands and Beatles Rock Band), four wireless black controllers, four wireless headsets, four black play-and-charge kits, a Rock Band 2 full band set with an extra wireless guitar, a WiFi connector, and all sorts of other gaming accessories and stuff to a grand total of about $3000 worth of Xbox paraphernalia. i still have a bunch of sealed controllers and play-and-charge kits floating around because I’ve never needed so many controllers.

After three months the Xbox red-ringed, so yeah. I sent it in and they replaced it, and that’s the console I’ve had since then. Luckily it hasn’t died yet.

As for the CollegeHumor contest in question, they don’t keep up their old contest webpages so I sadly have no direct link to prove it. You can however look at my old ScoreHero thread that I made back when I won (and back when I still used ScoreHero [shudder]).

Who is a bad enough dude to buy me the Stanley Parable on Steam? ;)